• To organize and carry out educational programs that are dynamic, innovative, productive and continuously seeking excellence in economic and administrative sciences in line with universal criteria.
  • To raise individuals who can use financial, intellectual, social and environmental capital, who are equipped with modern knowledge in their disciplines, who can use their expertise creatively and innovatively, to catch up with information technology, to grasp the conditions of success of the future world and to reconcile their national identity with global values.
  • To do academic researches via methods and techniques related to economic and administrative sciences and to bring these researches for further scientific endeavour.
  • To fulfil the function of the regional university within the framework of university-industry cooperation, the potential provided by science-based research and efforts would help the provision of the services needed by the public and private sectors.



The vision of Iğdır University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is to gain universal recognition with its educational merits and social participation by raising Atatürkist youth who are embracing national and global values, producing information from learned knowledge, solving unresolved problems innovatively, closely following technological developments, contributing to the welfare and happiness of humanity, open to social progress, free-minded, protecting and improving human life and the environment, idealist, researcher, innovative, constantly learning.