Dear Students;

We are living in a century where economy, business, information technology and public administration   are so vigorous. Because technological developments shape the economy, we have set up the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences to decrease the existing unemployment rate.

In the economic sense of the resources, both macro as well micro-power by a dynamic change without ignoring a regional and global environmental conditions, Economics and Administrative Sciences carrying is intend to eliminate national and international economic requirements, to make the management and scientific research, to create new knowledge generation and to share these with related parties.

In this context, our faculty is aimed to graduate persons who can detect rapidly changing environmental factors, think globally and have analytical thinking skills and planning skills.Moreover, they are creative, team player and competitive and are expected to be entrepreneur, public administrators and economists according to the needs of national and international market.

The principle objective of the faculty is to furnish the students with the information that will help them better understand the world in which they live. Subjects that observe the interactions between private organizations and both the national and international government organizations constitute the major topics of the program.

It is a fact that, in the 21st century, the flow of the information, the labor force, capital, products and services, are considerably influenced by the globalization process. In this way the whole curriculum of the faculty has been revised to provide new subjects about contemporary management practices and leadership, in accordance with this globalization process and the latest thinking about advanced information technologies. The curriculum has also been enriched with elective courses and other academic studies.

The graduates  can be employed in various positions including public accountant, international trade specialist, public relations specialist, insurance broker, finance and stock market specialist. They can also work as specialist, inspector, auditor, and controller in ministries and related public institutions. Additionally, state and privately owned banks, research institutions, local or international companies hire our graduates. 

                                                                                                                                                  Prof.Dr. Selim Başar